about this project

This blog documents actions and changes that occur during the project a world fully accessible by no living being, which has been developed for the 2011 Melbourne Prize for Urban Sculpture at Federation Square.

The project comprises three components, being: a series of propositions for engaging the urban environment, an architectural intervention, and a printed broadsheet. Weaving through this multiplicity is the desire to experiment with the limits that regulate urban spaces and to provoke strategies for addressing the ways that these spaces are constructed, cultivated, regulated and negotiated.

The propositions documented in the broadsheet temporarily occupy several sites around Melbourne. Each proposition seeks to open up possibilities for considering forms of engagement and occupation. The propositions are actualized in various ways: some have been improvised and documented prior to the exhibition, some remain as plans articulated through the use of text and image and some are given form by becoming actions that occur during the exhibition. To witness or participate in some of these actions, check the timetable at the back of the broadsheet, or on this blog. 

an architectural intervention
The cinder-block wall built at Federation Square becomes the physical nexus for the project and forms the backdrop for the performance of some of the project’s propositions. The wall also acts as a support-structure for the presentation and distribution of the broadsheet.

printed broadsheet
The broadsheet is the primary site for encountering the multiplicity of propositions. It collects these together and operates as a publication, a mapping, a document that articulates the ways each proposition has taken shape or been enacted, and a timetable of actions. This broadsheet is free to whoever wants to take it.

This project has been developed with assistance and generosity from the following people: Kay Abude, Akira Akira, Appiah Annan, Sebastian Avila, Holly Bennet, Terri Bird, Bill Coley, Anthony Cribb, Veronica Cust, Charlotte Day, Figo Gamachu, Kathleen Gonzalez, Agatha Gothe-Snape, Kym Haines, Jason Heller, Dermot Henry, Ian Hester, Ying Lan-Dan, Nicholas Mangan, Vikki McInnes, Scott Mitchell, Callum Morton, Geoff Newton, Spiros Panigirakis, Lucretia Quintanilla, Reuben Heller-Quintanilla, Geoff Robinson, Jonas Ropponen, Julius-Bright Sackey, Brian Scales, Saskia Schut, Andrew Sinclair, Simone Slee, Deam Smith, Charlie Sofo, Steven Sparrey, Peter Swinkles, Brendon Taylor, Warren Taylor, Isadora Vaughan, Simon Warrender, Benjamin Woods, Makiko Yammamoto, Zachary Zegbedski, Staff and Students of VCA Sculpture and Spatial Practice, the artists from A-coop

Bianca Hester is represented by Sarah Scout, Melbourne

Cinder-blocks used in the building of the wall are generously supplied by Boral Melbourne, through the support of Garry Stephen and Garry McCarthy.

Wilson parking have supported this project by making their carpark available as a site for the Hoops performance on Tuesday November 8th, 2011